Catherine Dunn


'Catherine was asked to assist us with a 5 week training program for the first NZ Womens Floorball team. Floorball being a new sport to NZ, was something new to Catherine. This didn't deter Catherine, she totally delivered an incredible on the mark, training regime for the team. Her indepth understanding and knowledge of international sports, was easily transferred to understand the demands of the Floorball game. To understand these demands, she put the work in early, learning the game by observation, the regime outcome, delivered a very strong, fit team for the Womens Asia Pacific tournament debut.' - Nicolette Jones

'I started running in my early 40s. My family and I were lucky enough to land a three-year secondment to beautiful Wellington and I arrived in NZ out of shape but wanting to make the most of this fabulous opportunity (not to mention get myself up some of those spectacular hills around Welly!). After some months I'd managed to keep up a jog for about 10 kms but couldnt seem to break through one-hour. Id really set my sights on running the Rimumtaka incline and needed help to achieve this goal. I was given a recommendation for Catherine Dunn and made an appointment to meet with her. Prior to our meeting I did some research and nearly cancelled when I saw what Catherine had achieved in her sporting career and was continuing to achieve in the Masters age group! I was concerned that an Australian Mum of 3 and part-time lawyer, who was just learning to run, wasnt the type of athlete that should be the beneficiary of coaching from such a sage. Thankfully I did meet Catherine Dunn because she changed my life! Catherine stepped out a running program that was clear and achievable in my busy life. She helped me with running style, speed and hill work, distances, nutrition and even gave me quite specific route suggestions, where I could get maximum benefit from the glorious views around my new city. When I injured my achilles (by doing exactly what shed warned me not to do - running on a steep beach while back in Aussie!), Catherine recommended sports health professionals and developed a careful recovery program including pool work which meant that I didnt lose my fitness. Catherine approached my learning to run, my progress and my race day preparation in a methodical and scientific way. She was super supportive, encouraging and so knowledgeable about all aspects of sport and health. I ended up running the Rimutaka trail twice during my time in Wellington and both days are counted among the highlights of our wonderful time in NZ. I couldnt have done it without her and I couldnt recommend Catherine more highly.' - Liza Grage-Perry